It is the goal of our team that our parents are not left home alone but are happy and enjoying their lives.


As time goes forward, we all age, where once we were children, we are now parents, where once we were parents we are now grandparents, each of us will become elderly, following along in the cycle of life.

It is not a decree to be lonely, locked away from family and moved from the house we love. Today we have options and one of those options is keeping our family members in their home with one-on-one loving care. In a place where they feel safe, where friends come to visit, and memories abound.

Better Off at Home is here to give your loves ones the care and love they need.

  • We offer companionship - someone to spend real quality time with your parent or loved one - while you go to work or take a break.
  • Your loved one will receive the best care and stimulation. Let us shop for them, help with exercise and monitor their medication.
  • Your loved one will be placed with a caregiver that they are comfortable with so they can build a lasting relationship.
  • Our caregivers are long-term, stable professionals who are valued in our organization and compensated well above the local average.

This might be a tough time for you and your family. Choosing in-home care for your loved one will make your life and theirs happier. When you are ready, call us for a free consolation.

"Better off at Home has been working and living with my father for about one month. The whole family has seen a remarkable improvement in Dad's ability to walk once again, when we truly believed he would never walk again!

Dad's level of enjoyment in life has really risen as evidenced by his laughter, conversation, and appetite. Each professional health care worker has shown a genuine concern and love for Dad beyond what we could have ever imagined. The staff has been a true blessing for Dad and for us."

-Jim Barfield III